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Zoom Vitamin D3 + K2 (30 ml)
Zoom Vitamin D3 + K2 (30 ml)

Vitamin D3 + K2 (30 ml)

$50.00 USD

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  • 1400 IU (35mcg) vitamin D3 and K2 MK-7 (25mcg) per drop with MCT oil
  • 99% pure for your safety – tested by an independent third-party lab for purity and safety
  • non-GMO, no fillers or chemicals, gluten-free and sugar-free
  • fast acting and high absorption
  • packaged in a cGMP compliant facility
  • a 30mL (1 Fl. Oz) of vitamin D + K2 dropper bottle


JOOSH’s Vitamin D3+K2 drops are:

  • in liquid form for easy consumption and faster absorption
  • higher bioavailability to achieve desired effects quickly
  • plant-based MCT oil with no additives
  • flavorless with no unpleasant aftertaste
  • free from dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, and peanuts
  • shipped to you from temperature-controlled facility

Vitamin D3 + K2 (30 ml)

$50.00 USD

Why take vitamin D3 + K2?

  • Supports immune system function*

  • ­Supports cardiac function by promoting blood flow*

  • Helps absorb calcium for strong, healthy bones*
  • Known as sunshine vitamin, supporting mood and energy*

  • ­Supports normal blood clotting processes*

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We provide health-conscious adults access to high-quality cellular health supplements and solutions so they can age in style, looking and feeling great!

Our Vitamin D3 with K2 is sourced locally from the USA. At JOOSH, we take an extra step in having independent third-party labs in the USA confirm its purity and absence of contaminants for your safety.

Learn more about Vitamin D3 + K2

Read below our most frequently asked questions about Vitamin D3 + K2

Deep dive on D3 + K2

Why is vitamin D3 so important and what roles do vitamin K2 and MCT oil play?

Vitamin D (vitamin D3 in vitamin form) regulates your immune function and neuromuscular system. More specifically, it makes it easier for your body to absorb other nutrients. If you don’t get enough vitamin D, your immune system may not be able to protect you from bacteria and viruses. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause feelings of fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, and increase the risk of bone fractures.

Vitamin K2 also supports cardiac circulation and plays a key role in calcium transport, ensuring it gets it to the right place by preventing calcium buildup in the arteries, which can lead to health and wellness issues.

Vitamin D3 and K2 work synergistically to use calcium more efficiently, supporting bone health.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat that is smaller and easier to transport to the liver to be converted into energy. Our MCT oil comes from coconuts and is a less processed, higher concentrated form of MCT. MCT assists vitamin D digestion and absorption due to its fat content, as studies have shown when vitamin D is taken with fat its absorption is enhanced.

Is Vitamin D3 with K2 kosher, halal or vegan?

Vitamin D3 with K2 is not manufactured according to kosher or halal standards. Please note that Vitamin D3 with K2 are not derived from meat. This product is vegan-friendly.

Supplementing D3 + K2

How much should I take?

Vitamin D supplementation is based on health status, age, and current vitamin D levels. Research recommends an intake of 2,000 IU/day in those who are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Higher doses required for severe deficiencies should be carefully monitored through bloodwork.

Our formulation is based on our personal experience of discovering the minimum effective and safe dose. We suggest taking ONE drop, 1 to 2 times daily (by very lightly squeezing the dropper), or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Remember to shake well before each use.

How does Vitamin D3 with K2 taste?

It does have a taste to it due to the plant based MCT oil (coconut oil).

When will I see my vitamin D3 Levels rise?

Typically, they should start rising within 3-4 weeks but may take up to 3 months, as it can vary from person to person. Vitamin D levels can be monitored through regular blood work.

Are there any side effects of vitamin D3 + K2 or MCT oil?

We at JOOSH believe in taking everything in moderation. The Mayo Clinic states the main consequence of taking too much vitamin D3 is a build of up calcium in your blood which can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination. The amount required to cause toxicity is well over 60,000 IU daily for several months. With the addition of vitamin K2, the buildup of calcium is extremely unlikely as its role is to transport calcium from the blood to the bones.

Since our MCT oil is derived from coconuts, those with a coconut allergy should not consume this product. Other possible side effects of MCT oil include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if taken in larger doses.

It’s also important to note that since MCTs are fats if you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease or heart disease, you should check with your healthcare provider before taking this supplement.

What’s the best way to consume vitamin D3?

We recommend taking Vitamin D3 + K2 drops directly sublingually (under the tongue). If preferred, our Vitamin D3 + K2 drops can be added to your favorite beverage for easy consumption.

What’s the best time to take vitamin D3?

While there is no study to suggest taking vitamin D3 + K2 at any specific time of day, it is recommended to take vitamin D3 with a high-fat meal. Since our supplement is combined with MCT oil, this acts as a fat source for proper absorption. Simply take it whenever it’s easy and convenient for you.

Are there any additives in this supplement?

There are no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors in our product. We use MCT oil (a coconut oil extract) in our drops because MCT oil acts as an enhanced absorption tool for Vitamin D3. Our MCT oil is plant-based, sugar-free, and free from dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, and peanuts.

Why combine vitamin D3 and K2?

Our bodies have a difficult time absorbing vitamin D3. We at JOOSH found that combining vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 allows our bodies to efficiently absorb both vitamins without risking any unwanted calcium deposits in our arteries.

How should I store my Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops?

We recommend storing your supplements in a cool, dry, and light-protected area.

How long does the product last after opening?

An expiry date is printed on the jar or bottle. We recommend storing your supplements in a cool, dry and light-protected area.

D3 + K2 Interactions with other substances

Does vitamin D3 + K2 interact with other medications?

We are not aware of any issues with taking vitamin D3 + K2 with other medications but you can find more information related to specific drugs here. As always, please consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is safe for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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