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How to take NMN powder

  • Nicotinamide mononucleotide, the main ingredient in NMN supplements and a precursor to NAD+ has been shown to support healthy aging and other aspects of human health.  

  • You can get the best out of NMN supplementation by choosing a high-quality NMN product.

  • Oral NMN supplementation in powder, capsules, or tablets form is supported by science.


    In recent years, much scientific research has suggested that nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is an effective supplement for extending lifespan and enhancing health. Consequently, more brands of NMN products are appearing on the shelves. Finding the best quality products is vital to enjoying the health benefits of taking NMN. 

    Keep reading to find more insight into how to take NMN powder and the criteria to help you identify the best NMN products.





    What is NMN? 


    Nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN is a vital, naturally occurring molecule that helps to generate NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ) in our cells. 

    NAD+ is an essential molecule in every cell of our body and is required for many cellular functions, including energy production and metabolism, and DNA repair. For your cells to make adequate NAD+ to sustain these processes, they must have an abundance of NMN.

    NMN levels in our body reduce naturally as we age, resulting in a decline of NAD+. Research shows that various age-related problems, such as skin wrinkles, diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease, are related to decreasing levels of NMN and NAD+. Increasing the level of NMN can boost NAD+,  mitigating aging at the cellular level and alleviating these chronic conditions. 

    NMN is present in foods such as avocado, mushroom, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, shrimp and beef. However, we need to consume large quantities of these foods daily to effectively replenish the NAD lost to aging. This is not practical. One of the best means of increasing your body's levels of NAD+ is by taking a high-quality NMN supplement. 


     Individuals who take NMN powder



    Brief history of NMN  


    In 1963, three scientists, Chambon, Weill, and Mandel discovered that NMN supplied the cellular energy required to activate a DNA-dependent nuclear enzyme. This finding opened the door for other extraordinary discoveries about PARPs. PARPs are a protein that promotes DNA repair and regulates cell death. PARPs need NAD+ to carry out these activities. 

    Since then, several studies have been conducted on the anti-aging effects of NMN. In 2016, some researchers discovered that NMN can increase the lifespan of mice. Another study in 2017 found that an increase in NAD+ levels due to taking NMN can repair DNA damage in mice. 

    Recently, scientists have been researching NMN's potential health and anti-aging benefits on humans. A study conducted in 2022 indicates that NMN increased the NAD+  levels of the participants, improved their physical function, and stimulated their feelings of well-being.



    NMN as a powder and capsule



    How to choose the best NMN supplements


    With so many brands available, and as the market for NMN products continues to grow, choosing the best NMN supplement might be challenging. So, how can you identify the best quality NMN product, given that dietary supplements are not subject to strict regulatory standards as drugs? The best way is to pay attention to the following criteria of top quality NMN supplements:


    1. A supplier with an excellent reputation


    Only an excellent supplier can offer high-quality NMN supplements. Search for a company with a proven track record and good reputation. Reviews given by buyers of any NMN product are valuable in identifying the best NMN product. Examine reviews and ratings while researching the company's credentials and history to know people’s experience. 

    A business that has received many favorable NMN reviews will most likely provide high-quality NMN supplements.  Avoid a supplier without customer reviews or one with more negative customer feedback than positive ones is best.


    2. Good manufacturing facility practices


    You should get your NMN supplements from a company that adheres to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), and FDA (Federal Drug Administration) authorized standards. Being GMP and FDA certified indicates that the facilities, tools, and production of NMN supplements align with the required standards. That way, you can rest assured that your NMN supplement's production process is top-notch. 


    3. Third-party testing 


    Testing by a reliable and independent third party ensures an objective assessment of the quality, stability, purity, and safety of NMN supplements. Independent laboratories often test supplements for impurities such as heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mildew and toxins. You can visit the supplier's website or contact customer support to learn more about independent testing. The absence of information regarding third-party testing might indicate that the product is substandard or fake. 


    4. Product purity


    You must ensure that you use only safe, pure, and unadulterated NMN supplements. Supplements with at least 99% purity are the best. No artificial chemicals, GMOs, dairy, eggs, soy, or other fillers should be present in pure NMN. Look at the labels to find if the supplements contain any of these substances. 


    5. Pricing


    Budget is an important consideration when buying NMN supplements. You should be wary of cheap NMN products, especially if they cost much less than most. The production of NMN is expensive. If a brand is unusually low-priced, it likely contains more fillers, it’s food-grade NMN, or it is outrightly fake. In the long run, the cost of consuming a counterfeit product to your health is very high. 


    6. Consumer guarantees 


    Reputable NMN supplements suppliers usually offer a money-back guarantee to customers unsatisfied with their purchase if they return the product within a specified time. Check the product label for this information, or visit the company's website to know if they have such provisions. Most times, such a guarantee is an indication of a company's credibility. 


    Forms of NMN supplements  


    NMN supplements come in many forms, each with its unique way of absorption into the body system. NMN supplements are available primarily as capsules and powders. They are sometimes sold as chewable pills, sublingual powder (dissolved beneath the tongue), transdermal creams and serums, and liposomal preparations (wrapped in tiny fat particles).

    So which of these forms is the best? It's up to you to choose the most convenient NMN form to take. For instance, if you have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets, you may prefer powdered ones. And if you frequently travel, pills might be the best option because they are easy to carry. 

    It’s  important to note that there's no published study on the safety or effectiveness of NMN taken sublingually, as liposomal formulations, in chewable form, or as skin lotions and serums yet. Oral NMN supplementation in powder, capsules, or tablets has been the sole delivery strategy studied thus far in clinical studies.


    Best dosage 


    Given the limited information on NMN supplements, establishing the appropriate dose is challenging. More clinical research will give us more insight into the best supplement dosage. Studies have shown that NMN at 300 mg to 1,200 mg daily can positively affect health. Safety does not seem to vary in these quantities. A recent study on human subjects showed that a higher NMN dosage of 900 mg daily was safe and well tolerated. 

    However, following the manufacturer's dosage instructions is advisable since NMN products come in different forms and concentrations. If you are still in doubt, ask your doctor. 


    How to take NMN powder or capsules


    When taking NMN powder or capsules, you may combine it with a liquid (such as yogurt), ingest it whole, or melt it beneath your tongue. NMN is absorbed from the stomach and into circulation within two to three minutes and fully absorbed into tissue within 15 minutes, regardless of the form you consume. 

    Furthermore, according to a study, the right time to take your NMN depends on age, sleep/wake cycle, and physical exercise. Finding the time of day that is most beneficial for your body may need some experimentation. Thus, start taking it in the morning and then adjust as necessary.




    Summarizing how to take NMN





    Many benefits come from using NMN supplements, including healthy aging and physical wellness. Don't settle for less than the highest quality products to get the most out of NMN supplementation. To be sure you're purchasing a safe, effective, and high-quality NMN product, you should pay close attention to the company's reputation, manufacturing methods, third-party testing, product purity, price and customer guarantees. 

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